Fritware Proving These Services :- 



1. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System :- 



Fritware AEPS is a new payment service offered by the National Payments Corporation of India to banks, financial institutions using 'AADHAAR'. AEPS stands for 'AADHAAR Enabled Payment System'. AADHAAR Enabled Payment System (AEPS) is a bank led model, which allows online financial inclusion transaction at Micro-ATM through the Business correspondent of any bank using the AADHAAR authentication. This system is designed to handle both ONUS and OFFUS requests seamlessly in an effective way by enabling authentication gateway for all AADHAAR linked account holders.






2. Micro ATM / mATM Service :-


MPOS Service

Micro ATMs are card swipe machines through which banks can remotely connect to their core banking system. This machine comes with a fingerprint scanner attached to it. In other words, micro ATMs are handheld point of sale terminals used to disburse cash in remote locations where bank branches cannot reach.

Micro ATM is a mini version of an ATMMicro ATMs are like modified point of sales terminals this terminal can connect to banking network via GPRS to perform banking transactions. This machine contains card swipe facility and fingerprint scanner.

Micro Atm / mATM

3. Payout :- 



Fitware Launched Instant Payout Services. Fitware Solution payout brings you the convenience of transferring money from your place of residence to any Bank account across the country. Fitware Solution, payout enables domestic payout through a very safe channel to almost all banks across India. The payou service is available at our all retailers' mobile apps and on website login. It enables walk -in customers even without a bank account from place of transfer, to transfer funds to any bank account anywhere in India.








4. Travel Services :- 


Travel Ticket Booking

Fitware provides Travel Booking Software. Our Travel booking software developed on latest technology travel solutions, if you are in the travel industry and want to offer e-travel solutions, Fitware Solution can help you to provide complete travel software solutions for bus booking, flight booking and hotel booking software. We have team of skilled developers that provide online travel portal development solutions for bus, flight, And Hotel booking with customized development services.



5. Pan Card Service :- 


Pan Card

Fritware PAN card is one of the most important documents for people filing income tax. The unique 10-digit alphanumeric code is linked with all financial transactions of an entity that helps the income tax department to track the taxes paid by it & acts as an identification for Indian nationals. It is an essential document for those paying taxes. And, GST Consultants And Advisors is involved in providing all sorts of PAN card related services. With our services, we coordinate with clients, assist them in filling and filing document and completing other legal Pan Card Fitware Solution has been authorized to apply PAN CARD across India through our retail network








9. M-POS Device Payment Service :-

MPOS Service


Fritware As technology continues to revolutionize the way business is conducted globally, payment mechanisms too, have undergone major changes with cards (Credit & Debit) & mobile payments gradually replacing cash in consumer wallets.

Globally merchants accept payments via various types of cards (Credit / Debit / Gift / Prepaid) using traditional POS terminals, where the card is swiped to trigger a payment transaction with the acquiring bank. These terminals also enable merchants to run end of day batches, to settle the transactions with their banker.

Though, such POS terminals are omnipresent in developed markets, their penetration in emerging markets has been low, due to cost of the terminals and the associated infrastructure required.

This has led to an imbalance in most emerging markets, between the number of cards issued, versus the number of merchants who accept cards as a means of payment. As a result card usage has remained low & cash still remains the primary means to pay!




10. Prepaid Card Service :-


Prepaid Card


Prepaid cards are simply a plastic alternative to carrying money around and are often called everyday cards.You load them with cash when you first buy them and top them up when they run out just like a pay-as-you-go mobile. They are not a credit card so you can’t run up debts on them. They are good for teenagers, people who are scared their spending will run away with them, and those who don’t have a bank account. Prepaid cards can also be used to shop online. Since there’s no credit facility as a rule, if your card number is nicked by fraudsters scamming you on a dodgy website the damage is limited to however much money you have on the card or until you realise what’s happened and ask the prepaid card company to block your card. Since you can’t generally use them to borrow, they are good for budgeting and you won’t be credit checked when you apply for one.  For this reason, you can have as many as you want in your wallet. 



11. Flight Ticket Booking Service :-


Flight Ticket Booking

Fritware  Providing Flight Ticket Booking at cheap price.Book flight ticket with Fritware at lowest price. Get cheap tickets for domestic & international flight booking and avail best offers & deals at

So Lets's Start start to book flight at very cheap price.

Flight Ticket Booking



12. Hotel Booking Service :-


Hotel Booking

Booking a hotel online is easy through Fritware. All you need to do first is to download our app on your Android or iOS device or simply use your computer. On the app, tap on the Hotels section on the top left corner and enter the details of the city, the area or the hotel. Fill out the check-in and check-out dates, along with the other details and tap Search. Use the Sort & Filter options so that you can book one as per your convenience. You can also choose hotels according to user reviews and ratings. The same follows on our site.

Hotel Booking



13. Bus Ticket Booking Service :-


Bus Ticket Booking

The leading player in online Bus bookings in India, Fritware offers lowest fares, exclusive discounts and a seamless online booking experience. Desktop or mobile site is a delightfully customer friendly experience, and with just a few clicks you can complete your booking. So why you pay cash,book bus ticket on Fritware and do a tension free journey.

Bus Ticket booking